A device for the measurement of visual function for use with young children

Jul 31, 2018Children's Vision, Research, Technology & Vision

The earlier a vision problem is detected, the greater the benefit to be derived from a treatment intervention. However, there are currently no reliable, objective and clinically usable tests available today, that allow for the measurement and detection of vision problems in young children.

We are addressing this problem by developing and validating a low-cost, portable, clinically applicable computer based device that assesses visual function by inducing and measuring an involuntary, reflexive eye movement known as optokinetic nystagmus, a motion that only occurs when a moving target is visible to the observer.

Author: Dr Jason Turuwhenua

Contact: j.turuwhenua@auckland.ac.nz

Collaborators: Prof Ben Thompson, Prof Eileen Birch, Dr Shuan Dai, Prof Steven Dakin

Funding details: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment Smart Ideas Phase I, MedTech CORE, Uniservices Auckland Ltd, Objective Acuity Ltd

Status: Funded & running