Support for SOVS research staff

Funding opportunities

Deadlines for funding opportunities in the next 1-2 months can be found in the SOVS monthly e-newsletter (here). Ideally draft applications will be submitted for review at a research meeting at least two weeks prior to the internal deadline.

Requesting support

If you need information or support with a grant application please email the SOVS research support team ( If you are applying for a grant please email as soon as possible, ideally a few weeks in advance, especially if you would like some assistance with your budget or application.

Research meetings

The upcoming research meetings are listed below. If you have a topic to suggest for discussion or would like a funding application reviewed at an upcoming research meeting, please contact Sam Schwarzkopf ( All meetings are in 505-364 unless otherwise noted.

Date                         Lab / Topic
08/08/2019 Thu        Rob / Wilson
19/09/2019 Thu        Sam / Adele Jefferies (John’s MSc)
02/10/2019 Wed       Practice for AAO (12-15/10 in San Francisco)
16/10/2019 Wed       Lisa & Ehsan / Phil
31/10/2019 Thu        Monica (Note: Manaakitia Room 503-019)
14/11/2019 Thu        Steven
28/11/2019 Thu        Andrew / Joanna
12/12/2019 Thu        John