Physiological optics of the eye

Physiological homeostasis and optical performance of the eye are inter-related, and constantly changing due to aging or pathology.

We use novel multi-modal imaging methods to quantify, correlate and simulate these changes throughout life.

Such knowledge is essential for developing effective non-invasive therapies for vision-degrading pathologies of old age.

Current projects

Our researchers

Assoc Prof Ehsan Vaghefi
Assoc Prof Monica Acosta

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Ophthalmic Imaging and Bioengineering

The aim of this multidisciplinary project is to connect the physiology, vision engineering and optics of the human visual system.

Molecular Vision Laboratory

The Molecular Vision Laboratory (MVL) has extensive molecular and cellular expertise in the general field of membrane transport.

New Zealand National Eye Centre (NZ-NEC)

The New Zealand National Eye Centre (NZ-NEC) launched in 2008 as the culmination of more than eight years of collaboration and planning between many researchers in the field of ophthalmology, optometry, eye health and visual sciences in the University of Auckland.