‘The Auckland Optotypes’ displayed on a tablet computer work well to identify children with vision loss

Jul 31, 2018Children's Vision, Research, Technology & Vision

In NZ we have an excellent ‘before school’ screening program. Screening includes a test of the finest detail a child can see (visual acuity). Ideally, the test would be able to separate children with good vision from those who should see an eye doctor.

We compared a new visual acuity test with the current screening test to see which was more efficient. The new test was on a tablet computer, and used ‘The Auckland Optotypes’ (pictured on the right). We measured visual acuity in 121 children (5-12 years) with the current test, the new test, and a third reference test. Then each child had an eye exam to see if they had a vision problem. The new system was better at correctly identifying children with a vision problem than the current test.

Author: Dr Lisa Hamm

Contact: l.hamm@auckland.ac.nz

Collaborators: Dr Nicola Anstice, Prof Steven Dakin

Funding details: Cure Kids, NZ

Status: Funded & running