Investigating the age-related alternations of lens physiological optics usring MRI

Jul 31, 2018Ageing Vision, Physiological optics of the eye, Research

The lens physiological optics depends on its water and protein contents. The lens physiological optics alters with ageing, leading to the onset of presbyopia and nuclear cataract. The mechanism behind remains uncertain, owing to lack of non-invasive tools for observational studies clinically.

Relaxation times T1 & T2 are MRI-related and tissue defendant parameters, which can be used to assess the water and protein contents within the lens. In our study, we aim to establish the clinical MRI protocols to study the in-vivo lens physiological optics, and use these protocols to observe the effects of ageing in healthy and cataractouse ageing.

Author: Xingzheng Pan


Collaborators: Alyssa Lie, Thomas White, Prof Paul Donaldson, Dr E Vaghefi

Funding details: NIH grant (R01 EY 026911-01)

Status: Published