The presbyopia study: using clinical optometry and MRI to study ageing and accommodation in the lens

Jul 31, 2018Ageing Vision, Research

Presbyopia, or the loss of accommodation power of the human lens, leads to the loss of clear near vision in adults >45 years old. This study investigates how the lens changes shape, position, and internal properties as we change viewing distance, and how this capacity is lost with age.

We use magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to image pre- and post-presbyopia participants (<30 & >45 Y.O. respectively). The participants go through a comprehensive eye exam at the Auckland Optometry clinic in order to clinically measure their accommodative power, before being scanned with a 3T SKYRA MRI instrument while viewing near and far distance targets. The study is currently ongoing, with early results showing how the lens grows larger, stiffer, and changes hydration state with age.

Author: Dr Mitchell G Nye-Wood


Collaborators: Alyssa L Lie, Wilson Xingzheng Pan, Prof Paul Donaldson, Dr Ehsan Vaghefi

Funding: S J Taylor grant

Status: Funded & running